Jeff Bergen is Elvis!

Jeff Bergen at Knuckleheads

Jeff Bergens is Elvis!

Jeff Bergens hams it up!

What a treat to hear and see Jeff Bergen impersonating Elvis Presley at Knuckleheads.  He appears the fourth Friday of every month in Kansas City.  What better way to spend a Friday evening than listening to Elvis tunes?  Elvis seems to come alive as you watch and hear him sing!

Jeff is a one-man show.  His concert goes on for hours without a break.  He never gives up.  His voice is remarkable, having trained in opera.  Many of the long-time Elvis favorites sound better when Jeff sings them.  (I did not know that anyone could sing better than Elvis?) He is very articulate and you can hear all of the words of every song.



Elvis recorded over 700 tunes and Jeff, apparently, knows all of them.  His vocal range is remarkable and he can sing a Rock ‘n’ Roll song as easily as one of the tender Country Western tunes.  He even hits those wonderful high notes that send you reeling back in time to Elvis.


Glitzy Sign at Knuckleheads

Glitzy Sign at Knuckleheads

The audience loves him. He sang a special tune for “Mary,” and  will sing requested songs,  if you email him ahead of time.  It was very apparent that he has regulars.  Often he would say, “that is a  ‘pretty song’,” and the audience would chime back “pretty, pretty, pretty.”  They are in love with him. And he deserves it!

Jeff Bergens

Jeff Bergens

Impersonators bring back to life the people we love.  There is no finer compliment to an artist than to have someone attempt to imitate him or her.  The greatness of Elvis will always be there, and Jeff captures and becomes that greatness.  Don’t miss his next show!



Jeff is Elvis!

Jeff is Elvis!


As always this post is copyrighted by Marla J. Selvidge


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